The Beauty of Parent-Teacher Conferences

I received the grades the day before. They accompanied the kids home in sealed envelopes (yes, they were still sealed ). I was happy with the results and therefore not expecting any surprises.

The conference morning began with Greyson’s English teacher. We discussed the typical topics—behavior, focus, quality of work. Together we looked at his progress and areas where he needed to work harder. Now, let me stop here and say that I DID NOT make it to Back-to-School-Night. I had four to attend on four different evenings. Between homework, soccer games, soccer practices, piano, and Mark out of the country, I was lucky to get to two; Greyson’s wasn’t one of them. I mention this because not going caused me to feel  “out of the loop.” I reminded myself that things probably hadn’t changed that much. Second grade is second grade. The new change seemed to be no required reading at home.  According to my little man…

Towards the end of the conference I asked Greyson’s teacher about this and she pulled out a calendar, “You mean like this?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“This is his calendar,” she said.

Yep. There it was. The M’s, representing Mark’s intitials, were blatantly written by a child—my son. She shared the rest of the story about how Greyson had come clean with the false initials when asked. We both laughed until we had tears in our eyes.

She brought out another assignment that Greyson hadn’t completed yet. He was in the process of writing his synopsis of his favorite fairytale. Cute idea.

I leaned over to read what Greyson had chosen as his favorite – Pinocchio. Classic. Needless to say, I was laughing again. I love parent-teacher conferences.


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