Sibling “Hiccups”

This year, being in different school buildings has provided growth for my younger two. Most of the growth has been good—fostering independence, confidence and new friends. But there has been some negative fallout as well.

Arguments have escalated as they lock horns over who has the upper hand. Yelling is commonplace. Kindness has diminished. Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head.


Artwork by Aubry

And I don’t like it.

So I focus on bringing them back together, but not so that they are joined at the hip like  in the past, unable to play with other kids because they’d rather spend time with each other, one stagnating at a regressed social age and the other bigger than his britches.

Recently Aubry asked me if Greyson could read aloud to her. I was thrilled—that he had asked her and that she wanted to help him. I have my fingers crossed that this was a step back in the direction of grace, respect and civility.


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