Family Trees, Roots and Branches


Family tree projects. Family history projects.


It’s Aubry’s year to creat hers and what I’ve noticed this time around is a huge change from years past. The family history project is more encompassing. I feel her school has taken into account every conceivable way families might come together. And that’s a good thing.

For those adoptive parents who scratch their heads wondering how to help their child through a possibly sticky project, consider these options:

  • Have your child use a photo or her created picture of herself for the trunk of the tree. She can put someone she loves on each branch OR she can add her birth family members in the roots of the tress and adoptive family members in the branches.
  • Create a timeline depicting important happenings in her life—vacations, special events.
  • Create a timeline depicting historical national and international events during her life. She can see herself in the scope of the world. 
  • Create a forest of trees, with one tree representing her and others designating important and loved people in her life.

After discussions on how she wanted to create her family history project  Aubry chose to do hers as a tree, without any nod to adoption.


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  1. of course we need to know our family history so that we can share it to our kids **.

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