SeptemberOctober 2009 114Josi arrived home late last night from her exchange trip and is taking full advantage of Fall Break by sleeping in. As I write this it is after 10 a.m.

I slept in too, getting up hours after my normal time. I went in hunt for Aubry, who was not in her bed. She was behind the closed door of Greyson’s room – engrossed in her Nintendo DS.

“Good morning, sweetie. What are you doing in here?” 

“I didn’t want to wake Josi. She’s still sleeping. I was starting to cough, so I came in here,” she answered.

“Thank you for doing that, honey. You were very thoughtful. Josi is tired.”

“I’m wearing my glasses.”

“I can see that. Thank you, sweetie.”

I kissed her and closed the door behind me, proud that my daughter had shown consideration for her tired sister. She did it on her own.



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2 responses to “Consideration

  1. theinternationalmom

    Jane –

    We wonder sometimes, don’t we? It was a great way to start the day and a five-day vacation with the family.


  2. Jane Bretl

    I like how you capture the feeling of motherhood where we realize — they really ARE listening! Listening to what we say and learning the right thing to do to take care of themselves and others. Yeah!

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