Until Next Week

SeptemberOctober 2009 093Josi is on her exchange trip, experiencing cultural immersion with her classmates and teachers in Cuernavaca, Mexico. For the first time, Aubry has the room she shares with her sister to herself.

And she’s lonely.

Even though her frogs and snail actively move around the aquarium.

Even with a snuggly warm Marley kitty-boy sleeping next to her each night.

Even with the rest of the family home.

Josi is away and Aubry seems a bit lost, spending more time in her room than usual. She stays out of her sister’s things and out of her space. Quietly and without being asked.

This is the longest my girls have been apart.

I miss her too.



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2 responses to “Until Next Week

  1. Barbara Butler

    Judy, Just read your short stories. Fabulous! I especially loved the one about Birthdays and Aubry. You are providing a great service to others with your written words.

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