P7290196Another day. Another lie.

My little boy is fairly transparent when it comes to lying, so much so that we still smile over his head or share a good laugh later. The problem is that once he tells it, he won’t admit he’s lying. Greyson digs his heels in and insists that he is telling the truth, even with us trying to give him some ground to reconsider his story. Our favorite Greyson lie happened when he was four, while on vacation in Pawleys. He kept putting the markers in his mouth. We kept telling him not to do it. (I don’t have a lot of faith in the nontoxic label. Too many things have been proven otherwise.) He’d been coloring with his sisters and his face was covered with red – all over his lips, his teeth, and his cheeks. He’d had a meal of red marker.

Greyson denied putting the marker in his mouth. I asked him if he was sure about that. Oh, yes. He was sure. Then Daddy asked him the same. Oh, yes. He was sure. Mark took him into the bathroom and placed him in front of the mirror. When Greyson saw all of the red ink on his face and in his mouth, he began to wail. Although it was funny, we still had to discipline him. Over the years he lost his taste for markers.

The other morning Mark was getting the kids ready for school since I was down with the flu (not the politically correct swine flu, just the flu). I was sound asleep until woken up by my youngest doing his thing – that special indignant angry crying we’re so familiar with. I knew he’d been caught, but not why until later. Turns out he’d been lying. Again. This time it was over the brushing of teeth. Come on! This was not some new task he’d been asked to perform.

This all started with Mark asking Greyson if he had brushed his teeth. His positive response was accompanied by a deer-in-the-headlights look. Uh-oh! Busted!

Mark pushed on saying he was going to check Greyson’s toothbrush and see if it was wet. Greyson said it would “be dry by now.”

Daddy dropped the bomb – “No way.” Then the crying and stomping feet came upstairs.

The “little boy that cried wolf” story never fazed him like it did our other three. I hope the lies will disappear soon, but for now Greyson continues to use them to avoid things he’s supposed to do. He’s not as dedicated as he once was when lying happened a few times each day. Now he tells one or two in each week. I guess that’s progress.


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