What’s in A Name?

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a family – of girls. As the only girl in a family filled with boys, I’d had enough of men-in-development.

I grew and so did my interest men, culminating with falling in love with my husband. It was only with him that I could imagine having a family. This family, I hoped, would include both boys and girls.

Looking back, the names that I thought I would give my children were never considered. But then, I didn’t know myP7090075 husband and I certainly had no idea of how my family would come to be.

All of my children carry family names; they tie them to us and to generations of strong, vibrant family members. My younger kids came with names, so they also carry those to connect them with their birth families and rich birth cultures.

So, tell me, what’s in a name?  You can respond here or share over at Grown in My Heart’s carnival.



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2 responses to “What’s in A Name?

  1. I feel the meanings of names are important as well. We were struck at how the meanings of our children’s given names worked in concert, especially Aubry’s, with the family names we decided upon. The choices were not intentional.

  2. My paternal aunt’s grew up in a family of six brothers – no sisters. And her mom died when she was a teen. You’d think she’d at least have one daughter, right? Nope – three boys. I thought of her as I read your post.

    Family names are wonderful if you feel they still fit your family today. The husband and I did not… so we chose a Biblical name for our Tongginator that we love. There is a description of this Biblical person’s character that we hope will fit our Tongginator, too.

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