Camping – Family Style

P9060084What began as an activity to keep our kids occupied while we were vacationing in Spain one year has turned into a multifamily tradition. Every Labor Day weekend we trek to a Michigan beach area and camp. We tent camp. It’s not as rustic as I would like, but it works – we’re in tents, we cook our food, we have campfires.

The nights are late, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, listening to music and talking. The adults settle in with a beer or a glass of wine.P9060101

The birds wake us early and one or two of the parents brave the crisp air. A campfire is started and coffee follows quickly.

The cool Michigan temperature keeps the kids in their warm sleeping bags until they can no long resists the smells of pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs sifting through the tent screens. They come to breakfast wrapped in blankets and still half asleep.

P9060127Last year we added a day-long kayak trip. It was a huge hit with everyone. So we did it again this year. Luckily we had gorgeous Michigan weather. What a terrific calm weekend before a crazy fall semester of school.



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4 responses to “Camping – Family Style

  1. Range Officer Rhonda

    We do this usually at Thanksgiving, and it includes a canoe trip as well! It’s a great tradition you are invoking with your family – my kudos

  2. Hi Julie,

    We try different areas each year that are close to Lake Michigan.

  3. julie

    I’m just curious where in michigan do you go?

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