To “Have”

P8080027Like many families, we spend a lot of time in the car. It is rarely a quiet trip.

The other day I had the younger three in my car and, yes, the subject of adoption came up – in an interesting way. We were discussing 9-11, the moment of silence and lowering of the flags that the kids experienced at school.

“Was I born?” Greyson asked.

“No, you weren’t honey. We had Holden, Josi and Aubry,” I said.

Josi, always the pragmatist, corrected me. And rightly so. “Mom, you didn’t have us. You only had Holden.”

“You’re right honey. I didn’t have you. What I meant was that you were home, part of our family, my children.”

“Mommy, remember we grew in another lady’s tummy,” said Greyson.

“Yep, you did – your birth mother. Daddy and I adopted you.”

“But, we grew in your heart. Right?” said Greyson

“You sure did!”

It was quiet for a minute or so. Then Aubry launched into the appearance of legs on one of her three remaining tadpoles. An interesting segue…


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