Playing Hooky


Did I feel guilty?


Recently I pulled Aubry and Greyson out of  school for the day under the guise of a school “lice alert.” I had heardP9020137 from a friend of a friend about an unreported outbreak (later confirmed) case in one of my kid’s buildings. I thought about the treatment for lice – having to wash my kids’ scalps and hair with some nasty stuff, vacuuming to the point of wearing out my strength, patience and my Dyson (It never loses suction. “Never.”) I didn’t want to expose my children for the second day in a row.

Aubry, who loves school, hooped and hollered before she went to bed, “Yeah! This is the answer to my dreams! How did you know?”

Greyson, who also loves school, kept asking, “We get to stay home with you? On a school day and we’re not sick?”

Affirmative. One rule though: let mom sleep in.

The day began well. Sleeping until 7:00, I got an entire hour more of sleep. It was much appreciated with my P9020108oncoming cold. I got some work and domestic duties accomplished and then… we PLAYED. All day. Games, basketball (a few games of “Horse”), went to the park, and ended our day with ice cream from our local soda fountain.

It was wonderful. Time with my kids always is.

And I’m thinking I might do it again when they’re least expecting it – like a snow day in great weather.


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