A Father’s Wisdom

P8080030Mornings can be crazy around here, especially school mornings. None of us are morning people, well except Mark.

I asked him to make breakfast for Aubry and Greyson. They needed something special to begin their day since Holden and Josi had been away at camp for several days. This is always a treat. They love it when Dad cooks for them.

Upon entering the kitchen I heard Mark in the middle of a story about a vacation he took with his family when he was about their age. Of course it included the big “V” (known as vomit in our family). While I made my coffee he shared the Twinkie story (another time – one of Holden’s favorites). And, as the kids were finishing  their eggs and doughnuts, he shared this little jewel, “Remember you can pick your friends. You can pick your noses. But you can’t pick your friends’ noses.”

Oh, Daddy!

I turned around on that one and took another sip of my java. With peels of laughter the two cleared off their plates and Mark went upstairs to get ready for his day. Aubry and Greyson’s pumps had been primed. The gross comments continued all the way to school.


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