My Definition of Family

I have always believed that a family is defined by love, not biology. Watching my children evolve into tweens, teens, and young adults reinforces my belief. At the heartPA200240 of it, they are sisters and brothers. At the heart of it, we are a family. It’s that simple.

People try to define us – the family with all of “those” kids, the mini U.N. (oh, yes!), similar to “Brangelina” (although we actually formed our family earlier)…

A friend said it best, “You’re just the Millers.”

Yes we are. And I like that – just fine.


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One response to “My Definition of Family

  1. my family is full of love because they have my side when i like to do. Not also to become a spoiled but if you do somethinfg make it memorable and values to become a matured person. Because life is very hard because god challenge us how our faith end

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