Texting and Teens

Holden with Mark, age 4

Holden with Mark, age 4

I’ve shared my worries about Holden driving. He’s not allowed (by us) to talk on the phone while he drives and our State has banned all teens from texting while driving. That’s all well and good, but what does a teen really do when not watched? (You know, I was a teen “way back when.”) None of us parents will ever know.

On one hand I have to have the same faith that my parents had – that the countless talks about common sense and safety will have the intended impact on decisions and choices.

On the other hand, I realize that my son rarely puts his cell phone down. It’s on as soon as he wakes up, with him all day, and recharges during the night as he sleeps. He can’t use it in school, but kids are pretty smart and I’ve got to think they’ve figured out something. Yes?  Like many of his friends, he rarely talks on it, preferring to use it as a camera or for texting.

Holden’s phone has become another appendage. I’d be happier if he were hard-wired and didn’t have to look at a screen. Maybe that’s in development…

I bring this up because a close friend just sent me this link to a  sobering, realistic and exceptionally graphic PSA (taped in Wales) about texting while driving. It made me sick. It also made me determined to not “fold” on the texting issue. If I can watch this, I know you can too.

Although this PSA is difficult to watch, I’ll have him do so, hoping he will “get the message.” I want him to thinkP7050036 about texting and the possible consequences to himself and others as he gets behind the wheel of a car or gets into a car with other irresponsible teens. My wish for him is a long healthy and happy life.



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2 responses to “Texting and Teens

  1. Karen Caswelch

    Yikes – I shouldn’t have watched this at 11:30 at night. You’re right, it’s a scary thing…I worry that K will do this just because she’s mad at me – or worse, she’ll be good, but she’ll be in a car with her friends whose parents aren’t as tough as we are about safety.

    • We watched it with Holden last night and then talked about it. It really scared him, but what I hope is that he’ll think about texting when he is behind the wheel or gets into a car with others. Pass it on to other parents; they might change their ideas on safety…

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