Cookie and Poppy

They were so darned cute. During a “weak” moment, several years ago, we became the proud new owners of not one,Girls with Gpigs but two new furry pets – guinea pigs. The girls christened them Cookie and Poppy. They spent little time in their cage because they were the focus of Josi and Aubry’s ceaseless loving ministrations – combing and putting hair ornaments in the silky coats, dressing them in doll clothes, and taking them for short spins around the basement in Greyson’s Tonka trucks. The poor little guinea pigs went along with it all. What choice did they have?

As time went on Josi and Aubry grew tired of them. They weren’t as cuddly as the girls had hoped for. The arrival of our boy kitties, Butch and Marley, sealed their status as “boring” (a favorite word of Josi’s) and it was I who became the primary caretaker. Mark and I discussed finding them a new home, but I was unsure after reading advice from “experts” about giving away family pets. Advice cautioned that kids, especially those adopted, might feel we would give them away if we tired of them. I thought long and hard on that advice – for years. I continued to put it off after the difficult and sudden loss of our lab, Bronson. I thought they would spend more time with Cookie and Poppy after losing Bronson. That wasn’t the case.

Mark and I decided that the guinea pigs needed a home where they would receive daily attention and wouldn’t be a chore. We broached the subject with the girls. They were completely accepting. In fact, they were excited they were leaving.

Mark took Cookie and Poppy to their new loving home. The girls haven’t even asked about them; it’s as if they never had them. This has been another lesson for me: trust my instincts as a mother. My children are well-adjusted and they understand that they will never be anywhere else, but with us. We are their home. We are family.


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  1. Beth Mink

    Hi. That’s a beautiful story. I tried to give away our dog, once and my son, who never played with her, never fed her, didn’t even live at home anymore, cried. Still have the dog. Still have the son. The guinea pigs, though, I wouldv’e taken them. We used to have one that lived in the garage with the rabbit. They both liked all the apples and peaches and pears from our trees. He squealed every time we went through the garage. I think as the children leave, I am trying to fill the space with their essence.

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