Lonely Mom

The kids went back to school today. And I find myself lonely – no noise, no distractions, and no interruptions. I miss:

  • Their little voices                                                                                                    P6190005
  • Their big voices
  • Kids running in and out of the house all day
  • Spilled milk
  • Dirty dishes
  • Wet bathing suits and towels laying on the floor
  • Tripping over sandals in the hallway and mudroom
  • Reminding them to please shut the door since the air is on
  • Reading with them
  • Playing board games and cards
  • Playing outside
  • Their disagreements and hearing them make peace with each other
  • Their laughter
  • Their energy
  • Hugs
  • Special moments
  • “I love you”  throughout the day

They were excited to go back to school. But I feel torn – happy for them, but not for me. I find myself wishing we had more time, a longer summer. The weekend is only four days away…



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4 responses to “Lonely Mom

  1. Ha! I think you might have been right…cute little beings.

  2. Beth Mink

    Should’ve kept the guinea pigs.

  3. When I have a hard day with my toddler and newborn I often think how much easier it will be when they are in school, but then I stop myself and worry that I’ll miss them so much when they are in school so I should be grateful for all this time I get with them right now. I love your list! It is so true 🙂

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