Katie Tripp

Sassy name.

Pretty girl.

Subtle, but strategic game of cat and mouse.

P8300123Holden received a Facebook friend request from Katie Tripp several weeks ago. She was a friend of some friends. Holden “friended” her and they began to correspond. He found out that she recently moved into our community. Being  the typical social and hormone infested sixteen-year olds they talked about meeting up this past Friday evening.

Mark and I put the kibosh on it, “Too quick. We don’t know her or her family.”

Holden was not happy. Katie sent him a message saying her dad said no to the Friday night date as well. He wanted to meet Holden before letting his daughter date him, “We don’t know him or his family.”  He agreed to a less casual meeting. I liked Mr. Tripp; we were on the same page of parenting.

Katie and Holden decided to meet at the local ice cream parlor during lunch the following Monday. Holden took a shower and used some of his expensive cologne.  He ran his clothing choice past me before going out.  But, before he could get out of the car, friends waved him down. Climbing into the back seat, they told him that Katie Tripp didn’t exist. They video-taped him as they told him the news. It was very funny. And clever. They had invented her and used a stock picture off of a website. It was they who messaged Holden. They knew what to say because they knew him  – and they knew us.

They set the trap for Holden and he took the bait. The cat won. Actually it was three cats – good friends of Holden’s, who punked him “Ashton Kutcher style”.


The prank was funny because it was his friends, but it wouldn’t have been so if it were a stranger. It was also a good lesson for him, for all of us, on how easy a predator can set a kid up.



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4 responses to “Katie Tripp

  1. Thanks Liz. My son and his friends have been pulling stuff on each other for years. We parents just try to keep it manageable – encouraging them to keep it safe, legal and not to destroy property or self-esteem. We did have to send back caseloads of boxes this summer and another kid has been inundated with feminine products (I asked the parents to pass those on over to my house…).

  2. Nice to know it’ll be shared.

  3. Beth Mink

    Thanks, Judy, for writing this. I’m sending it to my sis who has a teenage girl.

  4. Liz

    Great blog – I saw your guest post at the Writer Mama blog. As the mother of two young sons, when I read this I first gasped at the thought of them going out with someone (I have a few years to get used to this). And then reading that it was a prank?!??! My heart sank. It sounds like your son took it well, but I also think of that disappointment he must have felt. The protective mama in me wants to help him plan a reverse prank! 🙂

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