Another Costco Experience

I’ve said it before. I’m sure I’ll say it again. Sometimes an adoptive parent will over react. Such was the case with me when Greyson and I went to Costco this week.

It was just the two of us, making a small haul after his vision therapy session. Greyson enthusiastically ran a short distance in front of me and my huge cart, in search of samples. He had three helpings alone of chicken salad on a buttery croissant. (It was good.)

P6130114We were heading towards the check-out area when Greyson spotted a delicious looking beverage that would be the perfect finish for his small sample meal. At this point I was right next to him. As he reached for the miniscule portion in the waxed paper bathroom-sized cup, the Costco lady (she’s there every time we are) said, “Oh, no. Not without your parent here.”

I said, “I’m right here.” She looked at me, but apparently it didn’t register with her. Hmmm…

Greyson had his hand on the prize and was lifting it off of the paper lined plastic tray that sat on the on stainless steel cart.

“You have to have a parent with you, little boy,” she said with heat.

I couldn’t help myself. My monster crept out of me and I waved my hand at her, in exasperation. “Hello! Hello? I’m his mom.”

Her feathers were ruffled. Huffing, she let him have his drink.

My observant son told me, in front of her, “She needs to get her “listening ears” on, Mommy.”

“Yes she does. How’s that drink?” I smiled at my boy, but inside I was steaming. She needed a dose of awareness as well.



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2 responses to “Another Costco Experience

  1. What a great comment your son made about listening ears, and I’m glad he said it in front of her. Maybe coming from a child the woman “heard” him and thought twice about herself.

  2. oh, how horrible. I still have not had this happen to me. i guess we live in different areas of the country. I do have people fawn all over him and tell me how beautiful he is all the time though. I had someone try to talk to me yesterday because he thought I knew more spanish than I do. He didn’t speak english.

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