P7080048I’m a woman with a list – actually more than one. Four kids = busy family. Lists organize me and compartmentalize my tasks and commitments into hours, days and weeks. Sad, but true.

My kids witness me checking my lists regularly throughout the day and week. The important stuff goes onto my Outlook calendar which syncs with my phone. Über important things go onto the kitchen tile with a dry erase marker.

Imagine my delight, when my youngest two presented me with their list. They’d planned their day, all by themselves, and had happily checked off four items on their list of ten before my first cup of coffee. Yowsa!

I present their list:

  1. Wake up Greyson
  2. Brush teeth w/ Greyson (**I see that Aubry uses my shorthand notation w/ for with already…)
  3. Get dressed w/ Greyson
  4. Eat breakfast w/ Greyson
  5. Play Wii w/ Greyson (I did ask them to water the plants since they had accomplished so much and move thisP7300210 into the evening.)
  6. Eat lunch w/ Greyson
  7. Play Candyland w/ Greyson and other games
  8. Watch TV w/ Greyson
  9. Eat dinner w/ Greyson
  10. Have ice cream w/ Greyson

Looks like a productive day. I hope they have time for me as well.



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3 responses to “Plans

  1. Carissa

    Oh my gosh that is too cute! LOVE the list because I am a list maker as well! And she obviously loves to hang out w/ Greyson!

  2. Mine is a bit more in-depth (ha!). The simplicity of their list touched me; I wish mine mirrored it.

  3. Very cute! I love seeing their handwriting and how their list shows what they see in their world. I’d love to see how your list compares!

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