Grown Under and In My Heart (Part 4 of 4)

Mark felt we were done, but I felt that there was another soul waiting to join us. (This story of Greyson is in A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families.)  Through a series of unusual happenings, we followed our path to Guatemala.

Guatemala had its own system, almost a polar opposite of China’s. The best thing about adopting from Guatemala was that we could visit our baby. The hardest thing about adopting from Guatemala was that we could visit our baby.

We P7090085were able to spend five days with him when he was six months old.  Greyson was a sweet baby, with one dimple – the opposite check of his brother’s. We threw him in a baby carrier and wore him throughout our travels to Antigua. It was difficult to leave him in the loving arms of Emma, his foster mom.

His paperwork was delayed in the infamous PGN and we spent another three months in anguish. His adoption came through on my brother’s birthday and we were in Guatemala within thirty six hours of receiving notice of the pink slip.

Greyson’s adoption initiated healthy adoption dialogue from Josi and Holden. Aubry was still not processing or speaking. We took Holden down to see Guatemala and Tikal (he was studying Mayan anthropology) and to experience adoption first-hand – and it was something he will never forget because Greyson’s transition was rough.


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