Grown Under and In My Heart (Part 3 of 4)

There was no question; it would be China again. But this time I felt an unbelievable urgency. I nagged Mark about putting paperwork together. We argued because I pushed so hard. He asked me, “What’s your rush?” And I responded that I didn’t know, but she needed to come home and the sooner the better.P7050045

I was relentless, staying on top of our social worker. I made multiple visits to our local INS office, acquiring the direct number of the head supervisor. I was on a first name basis with an agent in the FBI. The paperwork was ready in two weeks.

These feelings of worry and being distraught never left me the entire time I waited for her. And when I first held her, I understood that somehow, across the miles of ocean and land, I had picked up my daughter’s distress signals.

“Hi love, Mama’s here. I love you, baby.” She smiled a very sad smile and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Aubry snuggled in next to me, as if to draw from my strength.

I wouldn’t realize just what we were dealing with until much later, but I sensed I was going to dig deeper into my well of love, patience, and perseverance for this precious daughter.  Here was my child who had special needs and I loved her heart and soul.  I knew I was up to parenting and advocating for her.


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