P7110209We were at the beach yesterday. The kids tore in and out of the waves with their cousins and friends – sometimes on boogie boards, sometimes not. They took breaks to play games of paddleball, eat, skimboard, or sit and talk at the surf’s edge. I enjoyed watching my kids have fun.

We’ve spent part of our kids’ summers here, as long as any of them can remember, and they have come to expect it. They treasure this special time at their coastal home away from home. So do I.

There’s a different rhythm that we move to here in Pawleys. It’s not better, just different. The kids are up later – catching fireflies, biking to the river, or finding crabs on the beach with flashlights. Mark and I completely let down, sleeping in after staying up late from nightly conversations and card games with his sister and her husband. There are few chores, only shopping for groceries, cooking and laundry. But that’s it and, for me and the rest of the family, that’s a nice break.P7110223

It’s nice to get away, as a family and relax together. Downtime – great bonding time.


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