Today is our anniversary – Mark’s and mine.

Aubry and Greyson were eating breakfast this morning when I made my third or fourth trek downstairs this morning in an attempt to get an early jump on the day’s “things to do list”. Holden and Josi were still slumbering upstairs.

“Good morning, sweeties! How’d you sleep?” I asked as I hugged them. They answered that they had slept well and began to tell me about their dreams. Nothing remarkable this morning. We share our dreams every morning, because it’s fun to talk about them. Dreams fascinate my kids, especially when they have experienced similar one to on another.

“Did you know? Today is Daddy’s and my anniversary. We’ve been married eighteen years!”

IMG_0082Aubry replied, “That’s not so long.”

Out of the mouth of my babe – half the age of our marriage.

Greyson asked, “Do you still like him?”

“I do and I love him even more!”

“Holden was born after you and Daddy got married,”  said Aubry. 


“Did you plan that?” asked Aubry.

“We did, honey.”

“Did you plan us?” asked Greyson.

“Yeah, did you Mama?” Aubry followed up.

“We sure did.”

 As I sipped my second cup of coffee I began to wonder where the conversation was going. Questions and comments about adoption flit in and out of most days without any pattern. I’ve learned to always expect them.

“Oh, look – a hummingbird. Greyson, be quiet,” Aubry whispered. 

We watched the beautiful small bird as it darted among the flowers outside the kitchen window. It stayed only for a moment, but long enough to distract them and alter the direction of the conversation.

“Can we go swimming today?”

“Yeah, can we?”

I just smiled and nodded. Living in the moment – what joy.



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2 responses to “Joy

  1. Happy Anniversary Judy! I agree with Michelle; I love the question “Did you plan that?” and your answer “We did, honey.” This post gave me shivers as it made me think about joy in its simplicity and what makes children so happy. Great post!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the question, “Did you plan that?”!!!

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