TGIF – Summer is Here

If I had to choose one hour of this past week to relive and do differently it would be this morning. I wish school had been over as Aubry came over and slid her lithe warm body next to mine. It felt like forever since she had crawled in next to me in the morning. She snuggled close and her little girl scent washed over me. I didn’t want her to leave.

Her straight thick dark brown hair covered my shoulder and neck as she put her lips next to my ear and spoke, “Good morning , Mama. Today’s my last day of school.”

Yes, it was – which meant this precious moment of contentedness was going to be short-lived. Reluctantly I sat up, pushing her away, “Honey, you’ve got to get ready”.

P4030223I look forward to summer and quiet snuggle mornings with Aubry and my other children. Mornings of rewards for completing the long hectic year of school. Mornings of rewards – time, just to be and to enjoy the sweet slower pace of life.



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3 responses to “TGIF – Summer is Here

  1. janebretl

    I love this one. I can never get enough of their little boy smell either. Your post touched my heart.

  2. Hi, Judy. I saw your comment on Jane Bretl’s blog and was curious because we share a name. This post gave me chills (the good kind), and made me wistful. With two boys – nineteen and fourteen – my moments like this are rare, indeed. Thank you for the reminder to stay alert. Catch them when you can.

  3. Judy, your post reminded me of a forgotten favorite memory of summer mornings with my mom and sisters! I loved waking up summer mornings in a cool AC house, going down to the kitchen where my mom and sisters were and being cozy together! I loved those slow, easy-going mornings of summertime!

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