Silent Observation

I never realized, until I was a mom, that one of my greatest joys would be the pastime of watching my child – absorbing who there were and learning every single nuance about them. I’ve spent countless hours watching each of my children as they slept, played, and discovered the world around them and learned about themselves. PA210255

Those hours of watching my children served as the foundation for understanding their temperaments, how they learn, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they react and deal with frustration and problems.

Watching my children centered and grounded me. It brought a full sweetness to my heart and a contented smile to my soul. It made the noisy, insinuating world go away. It was just us – simple and beautiful. I was in the moment.

Isn’t that why we take pictures sometimes?

Kimberly, over at Zook Book Nook, has a contest going on this week about facial expression. Pop over and visit. It will most likely resonate with you as it did me, taking you back to the times you have sat and watched your child, soaking him up.


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