Ahhh, the tween years. Snippets of what’s to come are emerging.

 Hello! Are you there, Mom? Do you see who I’m trying to be?”  

 And I think to myself, I wasn’t expecting this. Not yet. Time to buckle up…

p4030222My oldest daughter has always been the quietest and easiest to raise, up to this point. I tell or show her something once and that’s been it.  Until recently.

Josi read the first and second books of the Twilight series. I explained to her that she would not be allowed to read the others until she was a teenager, due to the subject matter. I believed that would be that. (It always has been.) Well, she has asked me, almost daily, if she can read the others. I got her hooked on Harry Potter, but she’s already read four of the books in one week. I’m scrambling to find something else to fill her head.

I’ve told her no make-up. Bright pink eye shadow covered those beautiful lids of her’s this weekend. (Actually, she did a nice job.) Josi smiled a daring smile at me when I asked her about it. I decided to let it go; these are the little battles not worth fighting. I’m sure others are brewing.

She wants to shave her legs, concerned with some of the dark hair that is appearing. I have to look really hard to find it.

She wants her own room. Perhaps in two years, when Holden goes off to college.

These are all little things. I continue to hold her close – my daughter, already almost as tall as I am. She fills me with gratitude. I realize these times will fly by and how I handle them as her mom shapes her and our future. For now, I want to be in the path of her spark, essence, and joy as she explores and discovers who she is.


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