Writing About My Kids

pa140283In the Spring 2009 issue of Brain,Child, Editor at Large Jennifer Niesslein posed a question in her “Soapbox” column: “Is it ethical to write about your kids?”

When I began writing about adoption, adoptive parenting, parenting, and raising a diverse family I asked myself the same question.  How was I going to approach writing about my experiences and perspectives without mentioning my kids?  So I examined the possible alternatives – assign a number to each child (1,2,3,4), assign a letter to each child (A,B,C,D), use the first letter of each one child’s first name, or use oldest son,  youngest daughter, etc.  You get the idea.

But when my pen began to fly across the pages and my fingers across the keyboard, my children’s given names jumped in – the names that their father and I bestowed upon them after months and months of serious consideration and conversation, the names which represent each of their beautiful personalities.  Names that united all of our pasts and will take us into the future, as a family.

The kids understand I write to share a unique perspective about parenting and I do so because it’s wonderful, complex, interesting, and possibly helpful to other adoptive parents or parents considering adoption.  Before each article is submitted for online or print publication or each post is published on one of my sites, the kids get to read it and give me their “say-so” about what has been written.

For the most part I’ve received resounding support and four sets of “thumbs-up”, even from my most private child. They call them “their stories”.



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4 responses to “Writing About My Kids

  1. Your children are sooo beautiful!!!

  2. I agree…in order to teach others about adoption and about experiences then we have to be open.

  3. I have thought about this too…being a blogger’s kid and a teacher’s kid may just end up being too much for my kiddos! When they are older, I think they will definitely have some editorial rights 🙂

  4. Brain, Child certainly gives me a lot to think about! I love their publication. Lately I have started wondering about my choice to write about my daughter in a personal way by using her name and sharing details of her life on my blog. She is only a toddler, but her life is hers. How will she feel about my blog when she is older? I like the idea of having her read the posts before they are published like you are doing with your children. Maybe my daughter will want to create her own blog where she can write stories about me and her dad! For now I enjoy sharing stories about her with others as one way I can share happiness and love with others. That is one of the reasons I am a writer: I hope my writing will be shared around the world to help others think, believe, and love life a bit more than they did before.

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