Reflections on Being a Mom

p3280003This week, with the coming of Mother’s Day, I reflect on being a mom and the amazing blessings of my children.

As a mom of transracially adopted children I’ve been asked THE question by adults and children:

 “Are you their real mother?”


Now, I’m not stupid. I understand the intention of the question (usually accompanied by a smile and kind, curious eyes).  But the adult or child doesn’t understand my intention – my role of mother or the  profound, visceral, aching, raw love I have for my children.

Yes, my own children – my adopted and biological children. Giving birth with my body was equal to giving birth with my heart.  Biological or adopted – I love them all the same.p12100801

Mom – natural and normal, bonded by unfathomable love and spirit, caring and guiding her children through life and its lessons.

 Yes, I’m their mother, their real mother.


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  1. anonymous

    Very beautifully put

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