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On this Side of Teen

p8100456Josi has seen all of the High School Musical movies. She loved the music, but refused to wear the Zac Efron shirt she received as a gift from close friend. It made her uncomfortable.


I took her to see Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. She just wanted to see Miley.  I wanted to leave…nothing like a concert full of thousands of screaming tweeners and teens.


I’ve lost count of the number of times she has watched Camp Rock. Again, she said she loved the music. That might be so, but it seemed as though her interest grew into something else.


The Tiger Beat magazine she got on her birthday became dog-eared in a matter of days. Yep – it was full of Zac, the Jonas boys, and all the other tween and teen heartthrobs.


Over Spring Break, in less than two days, she read the first two books of the Twilight series. She has since re-read them and is bugging me to read the next third installment (I need to read it first…).


Friday night she came in after seeing “17 Again”. 


 “Zach Efron is sooo cute!”




“He’s HOT!”


Whoa there, honey.


This was new; I hadn’t heard Josi talk like this. Up to this point boys had been called “stinkin’ boys” and Mark and I had been fine with that. As surprised as I was to hear how hot Mr. Efron was, loudly and confidently in front of our dinner guests, I realized that this had been coming. Her outlook on the opposite sex was changing due, in large part, to the exposure she had had to the movies, concert, books, music, and through her friends.


Today was “beauty day”. Josi had a friend stay over. Aubry joined them as they painted their nails, applied make-up, and gave foot massages. They giggled and sang most of the afternoon – to Miley, Zac, Cody, Vanessa, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Taylor, and others. Sometimes I sang too.


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