“Why adoption/why did you adopt?”  p31701211


“Why China?”


“Why Guatemala?”


“Are you done?”


The above questions are those that I am asked on a regular basis.


There is so much published and discussed about listening – how to be a good listener, how to be an active listener. I’ve read and heard it all and taken it to heart and put it into practice. Listening is an important skill set when raising four kids ranging in ages seven to sixteen.


But, there is another kind of listening. It’s the non-verbal listening that resonates deep within the essence of who I am. Listening with my soul.


This is the listening that directed Mark and me to adopt. Listening took us to China. Twice.


Convinced we were done expanding our family, we began to give away the baby gear. And then the most wonderful thing happened. I found myself listening again to the kind of message that wouldn’t be denied. In short, we adopted our beautiful son from Guatemala.


Are we done? We think so, but we continue to listen.


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  1. What a wonderful concept! Thank you for bringing this idea to my mind, because it is so true. We often think of listening with our mind, but listening with our soul is truly what leads us on our path in life.

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