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On Balance within the Family

p7100188I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen with Mark and our younger kids last night. It seemed to fit our moods. Our oldest, Holden, was in-flight to Strasbourg for his Grade 10 exchange trip. His safety was ever present in our minds. A movie seemed to be just the thing to occupy our heads.


Think what you might. We’ve watched that movie more times than I can count. We just love it. The main theme, of how a family, especially a large one like theirs and ours, must pull together to make it work, resonates deeply with us. Like the Bakers, we’ve found that everyone in our family is important and has a special role to fill. When someone can’t fulfill their role, for whatever reason, it falls to another family member. If that person can’t take the added responsibility on, and do it well, everything starts to unravel.


Balance needs to be maintained for each person and the collective relationships within the family. It helps to hold it together. While Holden is in France, we all are doing a little more; we’ve divided his chores among the kids and ourselves. The balance is still here even though Holden is not. There’s solace in that; he feels closer to us because his responsibilities are being taken care of. We miss his energy, his liveliness and generous spirit. We know he’s going to have an amazing experience, but we look forward to his return.

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