Bama, oh, Obama


In my household, politics run the gamut (amok, like my kids). The elections provided some interesting times: discussions about how our government is meant to work, American and Korean relations, and the coveted voting privileges. My kids lobbied their choices hard. They felt very strongly about some of the candidates and were itching to vote. Would we cast ours for them?


The one argument for voting for a specific candidate came from Aubry, my youngest daughter. “Mama, you need to vote for Bama.” – Okay, granted she was on the cusp of turning “9” at the time. She was not focused on the state and local level elections, like her sister Josi. I wondered why this was the case.


So, I asked my sweet girl why she felt Bama was her man. Her answer was , “His skin is the same color as mine.” Wow. And interesting. I hadn’t thought about that. But, in the ensuing days and weeks that raced toward the elections, I heard it spoken often. Daily.


My other kids felt no affinity for his complexion. Holden was more concerned about how a change in the party and its doctrines might affect his father’s business. Josi had no interest at all; she was all about the governor’s race. Greyson was getting ready to turn seven years old. He couldn’t even think of anything else. Our South Korean exchange student, Jae, worried about possible changes in the occupation of U.S. troops in the DMZ.


Aubry was thrilled when Obama won. She watched the inauguration at school with her classmates. I asked her what she thought of, “It was boring.”  Gosh, not a good start…I hope he can fulfill her expectations.


Aubry in search of??

Aubry in search of??


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