Awareness of Diversity

I shop at Costco. Love it. Saves a big family like mine a small bit of money and the headache of shopping daily. It’s become the number one destination to purchase groceries since my oldest two began their growth spurts. Our about-every-four-days shopping extravaganza to the big box is an exciting time for my kids. My favorite time to go? Yep, after school – the kids are hungry and I have lots of enthusiastic help to load food into the car.  They’ve got a huge expanse of space to “maneuver” in and, best of all, they can sample at will… kind of. 


 Beware of the Costco ladies.


One would think that being a regular shopper (years now) merits some kind of recognition. Merchants in our town recognize us, and some know us by name. We recognize the employees at Costco; they’ve been there since it opened. But, just as one of my kids reaches in for the tantalizing morsel of food or drink, we invariably hear – in a grumpy sounding tone, “Are one of your parents here?” or “I can’t serve you without a parent.” No problem, except that the parent is standing right there, practically on top of her kid.


With a stranger’s quick assessment the Costco lady doesn’t see a family, but a woman with a diverse group of kids.  All the kids can focus on is that they’ve had to wait just a smidge longer to sample and they’re frustrated, rolling their eyes and making comments like, “Mom, you’d think they know us now. We’re in here all of the time.”   


The intent of the comment seems to sail over my kids’ heads. But, not mine. I just smile and respond, “Mom is present. Thank you.” Perhaps some day, we will be seen as what we are – a mom with her busy kids, shopping.



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  1. This must be frustrating–people get used to seeing a “typical” family and speak without thinking.

    Some day, that won’t be the case, especially with advocates like you!

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