Happy 2009!

We were t.p.’d again. The young ladies (Holden’s friends – known, confessed and unnamed) outdid themselves, surpassing their efforts from this past fall. They used more rolls, but apparently the economy affected their selection of the grade of toilet paper. It wasn’t the quilted sort of last time, which held up better. This stuff turned to mush.

I woke up to a spectacular display of toilet paper. It look like it had snowed and then iced long streamers of flakes all over the front and side yards. Some of the streamers must have been the entire length of the roll, because they hung long from the high boughs of our very mature and very, very enormous sycamore tree. The white looked lovely and festive against the backdrop of our pines.  Toilet paper was wound throughout our bushes, arbor and basketball goal.

Of course, Bronson didn’t bark. A dead giveaway that it was someone he knew.

I didn’t participate in the initial cleanup effort – in the sleet. My four warmly-bundled children, and niece and nephew (from South Carolina) spent two hours cleaning it up. The filled six leaf bags. They were rewarded with hot cocoa and yummy baked treats by Master Baker Josi.

Our neighbors enjoyed the wet globby remnants of the paper as well. The girls t.p.’d us on a night when a strong front was coming in. Toilet paper was blown as far as eight houses away. The poor neighborhood kids were hard at work, in the sleet.

Gives you an idea of the magnitude, eh??

Mark went out later with a tree trimmer to tackle the highest leftovers. I followed up the next day, after it had dried out and began to blow more all over our yard and the neighborhood.

Despite our best intentions, the birds will have lots of additional material to use for their new nests this spring. Oh, and did I mention, we got forked as well?  Yep.  I guess the Millers had settled in for a long winter’s nap…


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