Afterthoughts on Afterglow

Listen To Your Mother…  It’s a wrap. However, the experience has left me with deeper appreciation—new perspectives and lasting impressions about who I am and what I can be for myself and for others, of how the threads of love, loss, joy, and fear weave all of us together in this beautiful, complex mosaic of fabric we coin humanity. From the audition through rehearsals and the sold out show I spoke, shared, cried, laughed, listened, held my breath, exhaled, and learned. I connected.

We walk such unique paths on our journeys from birth until death, nevertheless we have so much in common, and we begin to understand this when we “stop” and listen and are present and open and non-judgmental of each other. We have the capability to help heal instead of inflict hurt.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised when one of my “sisters” that I first sponsored through Women For Women International over a decade ago ago sent me a friend request via Facebook and a beautiful Mother’s Day message. I was profoundly touched to hear from her again, and to know she is safe and doing so well.

Listen To Your Mother was the perfect entrée to celebrating Mother’s Day. A reminder that we women are so powerful and can affect positive change and growth. A reminder that:

  • We need to honor ourselves.
  • We need to honor the women who have raised, nurtured, taught, and mentored us.
  • By honoring ourselves we give to our children, spouses, loved ones, and to others in need.
  • By using our voices we empower ourselves and model the importance of being heard, especially for the next generation of upcoming women.

Sharing stories is important. They are gifts of wisdom, insight and the true nature of ourselves.

My profound thanks to the brave women who shared their vulnerability up on that stage: Stephanie Precourt,  Liz Chatwell, Brenda Magnetti Erickson, Beth Fletcher, Alice Harrington, Stephanie Hauser, Katy Hoagland, Julia Huisman, Jen Mitchell, Heather Curlee Novak, June Saavedra, Liz Self, Carrie Steinweg, and Megan Summers. I was proud to be in your company.

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11 responses to “Afterthoughts on Afterglow

  1. Judy, congratulations!! You really are an amazingly complex and talented woman. I’m so very lucky that our paths crossed and I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know you. Nice photos, impressive event. I wish I could have been there to see it in real life time! (BTW: Beautifully written, thoughtful post).

    • Thank you, Marlene! It was so incredible. Like you I feel very fortunate that our paths have crossed and we’ve become friends. TTYS!

  2. Regina Moser

    Awesome! Love the reminders, peace to you and yours!

  3. I was very moved by your story, I just LOVE how God slides in and out of our stories. Yours in particular!

  4. You were fabulous! I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing with us. It was a great night!

  5. stephprecourt

    Beautiful, Judy. I’m so glad this show brought us together!


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